Lighthouse # 009, Tobermory, Lake Huron, Ontario, Canada, 2023

Height | 41 feet (12.5 meters)

Geographic position | 45°15'28.8"N 81°40'24.2"W

Elevation on earth | 177 m. (581 ft)

The town of Tobermory, situated at the northern tip of the Bruce Peninsula in Ontario, Canada, owes its early success to Charles Earl, one of its first permanent settlers. As shipping into the natural harbor developed due to fishing and logging, Earl hung a lantern on a tree branch at night to guide vessels through the dangerous passageways that lead to the harbor. The Commissioners of Public Works recommended a formal light at Tobermory in 1857, but it was not until 1881 that Earl was allowed $100 each year for “keeping a light at Tobermoray Harbour.” In 1885, the Department of Marine purchased three lots for $18 to erect a lighthouse. Abraham Davis was appointed keeper of the lighthouse, which was described as a hexagonal wooden building with a height of 43 feet from ground to lantern vane. Davis held the position of keeper for ten years, until he disappeared in 1895. His widow, Flora Davis, applied for the position but was denied due to regulations against placing women in such positions. Henry Davis, Abraham’s son, was appointed keeper of the light. In 1901, Keeper Davis was dismissed, and Daniel Butchart was hired in his stead.



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