At the heart of Filées is a profound sense of place, as I explore the dance between time and light, movement and stillness, ephemerality and permanence. I inhale and inhabit the essence of a scene, teasing out the vibration from the stillness, the quick impression from the lasting effect, the nuance from the familiar. The viewer dives into both the scene and its spirit.

Images are built entirely in the camera – lenses are my brushes and the elements of Nature my tubes of paint. The exposure is long, opening a temporal perspective that expands, articulates, and blends. Although each captured image is an impression, the shooting process is structured to present the universal quality of horizons at varied locations. Their position remains the same for each scene, in the infinite and timeless calm.

Just as my camera and lenses are essential to my art, so too is the printing process indispensable to accomplish my creative vision. I print the photographs in my atelier. As the machine rolls out each newborn image into my hands, I receive it with fascination and love.

When placed side by side, the filées show the horizon as a continuous line, like an étoile filante, a shooting star streaking across the sky. The line is never ending. Filées dances between time and light and is both permanent and ephemeral, with infinite possibilities and limitless promise.

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