Lighthouse # 012, La Martre, Fleuve St-Laurent, Gaspésie, Québec, Canada, 2024

Height |  63 ft. (19.2 m)

Geographic position | 49°12'22.1"N 66°10'16.8"W

Elevation on earth | 72 ft. (22 m) 

La Martre Lighthouse, named after Marten River, stands as a crown jewel among Gaspé lighthouses. Despite being fully automated, it operates uniquely during the day, allowing tourists to witness its original Fresnel lens in action. The first lighthouse, built in 1876, boasted circular wick lamps and later a third-order Fresnel lens. A fog alarm building was added in 1906, signaling a shift to oil engines in 1919. Keeper appointments often carried political undertones, with Joseph L’Italien serving for thirty-four years. After automation in 1972, Yves Foucrault's passion preserved the lighthouse, leading to its recognition as a Federal Heritage Building in 1988. Foucrault's dedication turned the keeper's house into a town hall and museum, ensuring La Martre's place as a highlight of the Gaspé lighthouse trail.



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