Martine Côté

Artist statement

At the heart of my visual language: time, movement, light. I pursue the latter, conscious of its ephemerality and its perpetual movement. I do not seek to capture the real or the place, but the feeling I have of it at a specific moment, creating an aesthetic where emotion, invisible, becomes perceptible. One plunges into the image and into its abstraction as one plunges into oneself, thus contemplating an introspective place.

To compose an image, I use my camera as a brush and the elements that surround me as the tubes of paint. The exposure is long, opening a temporal perspective that expands and articulates visually around the horizon, my favourite motif inspired and nourished by the work of the painters Eugène Jansson, Rita Letendre and Jean-Paul Lemieux.

The printing process is part of my art. Therefore, to guarantee the highest quality and representation of my work, I personally print the limited edition images in my atelier using fine art archival paper and ink.


Martine Côté Photographer


Born in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada, 1981. Martine lives and creates in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

She completed her studies in saxophone at Conservatoire de musique de Québec before achieving a bachelor's degree in business in Canada and France that opened her to the world of communications where she developed a critical eye vis-a-vis the image and the message. Photography is a natural continuation.

Through her work, she developed a rigorous approach to photography inspired by artistic and architectural photographers she collaborated with.

In addition to devoting herself to her career as a photographer, she is involved in the current visual arts community and is dedicated to promoting the talents of other artists thru her role on the boards of non-profit organizations.