Martine Côté

Artist statement

At the heart of my visual language: time, movement and light. I pursue the latter, conscious of its ephemerality and its perpetual movement. Its influence on the perception of reality mystifies me. For this reason, I do not seek to capture the real or the place, but the impression that I have in the light at a specific moment, creating an aesthetic where emotion, invisible, can be perceptible.

The horizon is time. The horizon is a matchmaker in the series where heaven, earth and water meet.

The watery omnipresence and its reflective qualities invite contemplation. One plunges into the image and into its abstraction as one plunges into oneself, thus reaching another place, introspective.

To compose an image, I use lens-based technology as a brush and the elements that surround me as the tubes of colors. The movement invites itself in the shooting in a structured and instinctive approach. The exposure is long, opening a temporal perspective that expands and articulates visually around the horizon, my favorite motif inspired and nourished by the work of the painters Eugène Jansson and Jean-Paul Lemieux.