Lighthouse # 011, South Hampton, Lake Huron, Ontario, Canada, 2023

Height | 11 metres (36,1 ft)

Geographic position | 44°30'05.5"N 81°22'31.9"W

Elevation on earth | 574 ft

The Saugeen River Range Lights were established to guide fishing boats into the Saugeen River. The first light was a lantern hoisted atop a mast that was placed on a crib built fifty feet from the outer end of the breakwater pier on the north side of the river. The original green dioptric light was exhibited thirty feet above the high water mark and could be seen seven miles from all points of approach. In 1900, local fishermen established a fixed green light roughly 700 feet inland from the government's light to form a range for entering the river. The government assumed control of the rear range light in 1903 and built enclosed towers for the lights, with the back range light moved 1,650 feet east along the line of the range in 1907. In 1913, the color of the light exhibited by the range towers was changed from fixed green to fixed red, and the lights were electrified in 1939. In 2012, the Saugeen River Range Lights were designated as heritage lighthouses under the Heritage Lighthouse Protection Act of 2008.



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