Lighthouse # 018, Cap de la Madeleine, Fleuve St-Laurent, Québec, Canada, 2024

Height |  55 ft. (17 m)

Geographic position | 49°15'04.0"N 65°19'31.1"W

Elevation on earth |  49 ft. (15 m)

Cap de la Madeleine Lighthouse, located on the south side of the mouth of the St. Lawrence River. Initially approved for construction in 1868, the lighthouse faced delays due to lost construction materials in a storm. Eventually completed in 1871, it featured a revolving lighting apparatus and other facilities including dwellings for the keepers. Over time, technological advancements such as wireless telegraphy rendered some features obsolete. In 1906-1908, a new cylindrical concrete tower replaced the original wooden structure. The site also housed a fog alarm building and semaphore for communication with passing vessels. The lighthouse complex continues to serve as a landmark, managed by the Association Touristique de Rivière-la-Madeleine, and features a tourist center, museum, restaurant, and research facility focusing on salmon fishing.

Keepers: Philip Savage (1871 - 1875), Gualbert Lavergne (1875 - 1886), François-Joseph Sasseville (1886 - 1923), Madame Charlotte Léda Sasseville (1923 - 1924), Jean Batiste Caron (1924 - 1956), Raymond Caron (1956), Rémi Ferguson (1956 - 1965), Jean-François Caron (1965 - 1987).




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