Lighthouse # 004, Cobourg East Pierhead, Lake Ontario, Canada, 2022

Height | 12.19 metres (40 ft)

Geographic position | 43°57'07.2"N 78°09'54.0"W

Elevation on earth | 246 ft

Cobourg Lighthouse was built in 1844 as part of the Cobourg Harbour project, which was an important infrastructure development for the town of Cobourg. The project was initially undertaken by the Cobourg Harbour Company, which was formed in 1829 by a group of prominent businessmen. The company built two piers and turned a lakeside marsh into a proper harbor with the help of government loans and capital stock.

In 1842, when the piers had deteriorated and one of them was breached, the provincial government stepped in to complete the work on the condition that the harbor would be turned over to the Board of Works, and the money previously loaned and the expense to complete the work would be the first repaid from the levies collected at the port. The east and west piers were repaired and extended, and the lighthouse was added between 1842 and 1845.

The lighthouse was erected by McBeath & Cook and consisted of a square, wooden tower with a height of sixteen feet. In 1924, the present pyramidal, concrete lighthouse was built on the east pier, replacing the original wooden tower. It stands at a height of 70 feet and is an important landmark in the town of Cobourg.



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