Portrait # 020, Halton Hills, Ontario, Canada, 2018 | -9°C

Rural buildings with their vernacular architecture and resilience to adverse weather inspire. Regrettably, the new efficiency standards in construction, the changes in agricultural economy and even the trend for reclaimed wood  - amongst other reasons - are slowly contributing to their disappearance.

I feel some urgency to capture them while still standing tall and proud, on their own, in the fields and various topographies. In situ, in their company, particularly on snowy days, I 'hear the silence' that surrounds them, disconcerting in comparison to the melodies of the city. I learn with them to appreciate solitude. They also teach me resilience and the courage to stand up in adversity.

The flat white light of the sky, expanse of snow, horizon, and proportions - these qualities are consistent across images and allow the viewer to focus on the beautiful details and singular qualities of the buildings. Winter strips the land almost bare and allows each building to be captured on a white backdrop, in a manner similar to studio portraiture.

This collection is about portraits. To remember. 


Limited Edition Archival Photograph

The photograph is printed in my atelier with archival pigment ink on archival fine art paper, 100% cotton fibre and acid free. The piece is numberedsigned and delivered unframed with a certificate of authenticity.  

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